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Un Model Status Of Forces Agreement

In comparison, the human rights standards that are relevant to the maintenance of UNITED Nations peacekeeping are not clear. Although human rights standards are of limited importance for the «traditional» peacekeeping of the United Nations, the enormous growth in UN peacekeeping in the areas of policing, justice, corrections and the rule of law has changed the situation considerably. The UN Charter provides that the UN… To respect and respect human rights and fundamental freedoms for all. The problems and challenges faced by local workers are real and not hypothetical. It would assist UN peacekeeping forces if the legal situation could be clarified and UN peacekeeping forces could have more security in carrying out their duties. As a result, the second study will focus on examining the possibilities, use and challenges of undaunted peacekeeping forces describing human rights standards. More detailed information and preliminary reports are published in the «Documents» section of this site. In 1999, Secretary-General Kofi Annan distributed a «Bulletin on Isservance by A Forces of International Humanitarian Law» (IHL) after significant support from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). This bulletin, an internal UN document that binds all UN forces, essentially provided a set of minimum standards of international humanitarian law, which apply without prejudice to the broader international situation. Although there were difficult problems to resolve in the development of the Bulletin, its conclusion was an important achievement.

The Bulletin provided a security nucleus with respect to the standards that the United Nations and its peacekeeping forces must meet, and helped clarify the situation for those affected by UN peacekeeping. The model agreement on the status of the armed forces (SOFA model) (A/45/494) was developed and promulgated in 1990 by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. It establishes the rights, obligations and obligations between the United Nations and the host state of a UN peace operation. The SOFA model is the starting point for discussions between the United Nations and the host state on a SOFA or Mission Status (SOMA) agreement. The SOFA model is often considered by the Security Council to be legally applicable until a mission-specific agreement is reached. The aim of this study is to examine the various SOFS and SOMAs that have been completed by the United Nations over the past 20 years and to take into account the evolution and trends of UN practice since 1990. A number of key aspects of the current UN peace efforts are not well addressed in the SOFA model. A UN peacekeeping mission is more effective if it has clear legislation consistent with its mandate and activities. The study can identify areas with consistent practice that could warrant a complement to the model sofa.

More detailed information and preliminary reports can be found in the Documents section on this website. Although THE UN`s peacekeeping reform has been the subject of intense discussion since 1990, there has been limited thinking about how work on legal issues can contribute to the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping.


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