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Sps Agreement Equivalence

The agency or authority to which an interested member may request additional information on the specific determination of the equivalent means that are notified. If this is the national query position, activate the checkbox provided. If you are available from another post, indicate the address, fax number and (if available) email address. Include the document`s global web address, if it is available. The exporting country should allow access to the review and evaluation of the procedures or systems subject to the equivalency stoppage, at the request of the importing country; an importing country should take positive account of an appropriate technical assistance request from an exporting country, which would facilitate the conclusion of an equivalency judgment. the importing country should, at its request, initiate consultations with the exporting country in order to facilitate a judgment on equivalence; Depending on the category of measures in question, the importing and exporting countries may enter into a formal equivalency agreement that makes the effective termination or less formal recognition of the equivalence of a particular measure or measure sufficient. the rejection of the case of the equivalence of alternative health measures; any health measures or combination of sanitary measures may be proposed for the assessment of equivalence; International recognition of the legitimacy of the various approaches to achieving the importing country`s adequate level of protection (ALOP) has led to the inclusion of the principle of equivalence in trade agreements, including the WTO SPS agreement. In order to allow, if necessary, a reassessment of equivalence, the importing country and the exporting country should keep each other informed of substantial changes in infrastructure, health status or programs that could give rise to an assessment of equivalence; and the application of the risk assessment discipline provides a structured basis for assessing the equivalence of the various health measures, as it allows accurate assessment of the impact of one or more specific stages of the import route and the relative impact of the proposed alternative measures on the same or related measures. 3. An importing member responds in a timely manner, at the request of an exporting member, to the examination of the equivalence of its measures, usually within six months.

To assess equivalence, health measures can be categorized as follows: pre-equivalency assessment considerations There is not a single sequence of steps to follow in all equivalency judgments.


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