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Shared Well Agreement Mason County

Drillers and landowners are responsible for ensuring safe and legal access to groundwater. Water is not a property right in Washington State. There are many competing uses of water; Some parts of the state may not have enough water available for new wells or may be closed for future removals. We regulate the construction of wells to ensure safe drinking water, protect water resources and create minimum standards for the drilling industry. Our work includes: We license and regulate drillers and provide continuing education resources. We also provide educational resources to owners who want to drill a new well, maintain a well or close an unused (out of service) well. Important information for private owners of water test well wells — find out how to test your well water. Now, construction instructions — Learn more about the steps to legally drill a well on your property. Well closure – Owners must work with licensed drills to close abandoned wells properly. This is especially important when the well poses a danger to the environment, safety or public health. The Washington State Well Report (log) Viewer allows you to search for and view detailed recordings of the construction and underground properties of the various wells. Well reports also contain information about the location, the owner`s name, the name of the drill and the amount of water generated by a well. In addition to the resources listed above, we inform owners who are considering drilling a well, obtaining a well or permanently closing an old well (closure).

Noel Philip Well Construction 425-649-7044 Report Barbara Conger Well (log) Tracking 360-407-0278 . Arlene Harris Report (Log) Follow-up 425-649-7020 Erin Gutierrez Report (Log) followed 509-454-7206.


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