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Rental Agreement Clothing

-Any cancellation of a clothing or jewelry event more than 21 days before the start date will be a cancellation of 25% of the rent per dress for the rental of events, 75% of which will be refunded to the tenant. Shipping costs are fully reimbursed. When placing and executing a rental booking, this is an agreement to the terms and conditions and the recruitment procedure above; This tenancy agreement is a legally binding agreement between you (the tenant) and Hire a Dress. That agreement was made by us; You use the services we offer; You order our clothes at for a fee on our website. -Clothes requested for the test within 14 days of the tenant`s organization may require an additional refundable deposit equal to the entire rental price of the dress. Delivery Clean and ready to use. Your products can be ordered on the same day for certain orders placed up to 14 .m in Tampa and shipped with a courier, subject to additional delivery charges set on site. Otherwise, all deliveries outside Tampa will be made through Lending Luxury`s shipping partners, which, at the company`s discretion, may change from time to time. The shipping mode used will be left to The discretion of Lending Luxury.

The products can be delivered to you until 20:00 on the start date of the rental. The products are professionally cleaned and delivered ready for wear. We will dry and check each product with the utmost care, but the use of the product is done at your own risk and Lending Luxury does not respond to the health problems associated with a product rented by our site. Jewelry rental Late returns are $10 per day. The same return contract is considered a clothing rental for the rental of jewelry. Dresses can «bleed,» transfer or rub the color on your skin and/or clothing/underwear/tights if worn and DDDR is not responsible for this damage and will not replace you for or replace these clothes. The use of the dress is at your peril of possible damage to clothing. In the event that a garment is not returned at all because it is stolen, lost or kept by the borrower, the full EIA is calculated in addition to the rental price paid.

-All rental fees owed by the tenant must be FULL AT TIME OF RESERVATION PAID to keep the dress for the dates of the tenant`s event. Clothes are not considered reserved until the full payment has been made and if payment is not received within 24 hours of billing, the booking will be cancelled and clothing will no longer be available.


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