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Cessation Of Hostilities Agreement South Sudan

1. Positive steps to strengthen the implementation of the cessation of hostilities agreement JOANNA WRONECKA (Poland) said that her delegation was concerned about the security and humanitarian situation in South Sudan. One third of the African country`s population has been displaced, more than 2 million have been refugees in neighbouring countries and many others have suffered from severe food insecurity. Poland stressed the importance of ensuring full and safe access to humanitarian actors in the country, he said, adding that, like many others, the struggles of women and children who have suffered the most in South Sudan are struggles of women and children. She stressed that the primary responsibility for the protection of the civilian population lies with the government, which must take concrete steps to alleviate its suffering. It was essential that all parties implement the cessation of hostilities agreement. There could be no alternative to the crisis other than a genuine and inclusive political process. Poland commended the efforts of MANSUS staff, which played a crucial role in protecting the civilian population. (i) On 1 January 2018, senior opposition officials allied with South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar in Phov State declared that they had «authorized» the cessation of hostilities, protection of civilians and humanitarian access negotiated by the East African Regional Bloc (IGAD) and authorized various military units to comply with the part of the agreement, in accordance with the letter and letter.

It is not surprising, and despite the hopes and fanfares around his signature, the newly colored pact, like the one before, is already in ruins. A few days after the signing, a number of violations of this agreement have already been documented, angering the main guarantor of IGAD. On 29 December, IGAD strongly condemned these violations, called on the parties to «return to reason» and promised liable measures against the culprits. He also called for increased surveillance of the situation by UNMISS and JMEC. The troika also strongly condemned these violations. But whatever happens to the CoH offenders, the indisputable reality is that these violations, committed in the hours following the agreement, merely materialize the suspicions of South Sudanese citizenship that the agreement had not brought at all, given the well-known belligerent behaviour of the competing political and military leaders in South Sudan.


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