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Can You Change The Lease Agreement

I would like to know if it is legal to change property management without notice. According to the leader, they joined the new management on July 18 and would have left an indication so far on July 19? I signed my contract on June 1. Its August 8 and I just talked about the change, because I go on to make a payment and noticed that there are new employees. Is the contract still valid since the contract was concluded with a different property management? My family and I moved from Atlanta to Phoenix this week. A few weeks ago, we signed a rental agreement which, based on our rental history and credit ratings, waived the deposit. The lease was signed by both parties on July 28, after correcting the spelling of certain names and numbers. On Tuesday, when we went to the office for the first time to pick up our keys and pay our first payment, we were told that the contract was a mistake and that we now owe an additional $400.00 because our discount was too high. Remember, this is the first time the leasing agent has seen that we are an interracial couple. I explained that the reason we signed the lease was due to the discount and that I would not pay any additional fees that are not included in the rental agreement I signed. The real estate manager tried to tell a method of harassment that I had to pay the extra fees and that it could be divided into a payment system. I said once again that I would not be considered financially as something that is not bound by the lease signed by both parties. Today we went around and started moving around the apartment, and again we were told that the regional manager had been notified and that we had to pay the extra 400.00.

I explained once again that it began to feel like discrimination and harassment because of the additional costs that were only revealed when the office saw us in person and I was going to contact the HUD. I asked the regional director to contact me directly. I have not heard from the regional manager and I would like to know if I am right about my condition with regard to the payment of additional fees that are not included in the lease. Your current lease is in effect until the terms expire or you grant a new one. The new owner cannot come and pay for things you have not agreed to, or terminate the lease prematurely. I`d say you`ll do the rest of the lease, and you`ll be on your way. If the new owner has attempted to dislodge or take legal action, they will surely lose in court if the justification was due to unauthorized changes to the lease. Paul, the lease may not explicitly mention parking (although it should), but I can almost guarantee that it mentions that the rules can be made or implemented at the discretion of the owner/manager.

If you personally have a problem with the new rule, I would go to the management company to explain your situation. If you are a good long-term tenant, I do not understand why they would not make an exception or would give you the opportunity to occupy additional parking. If your company rents a property for its office or any other transaction, you generally cannot change the legal name without changing the lease itself. However, you may need to change the legal name of the lease if you change the name of your business or merge with another entity. If you need to change the legal name in a rental document, you need to take a few simple steps. I`m in Iowa, in a hud. The new manager (we get a new one every 3 months, it seems) made tons of new rules, all verbal and none in the original lease I signed. It prohibits the use of the slide on the upper floors, when there are people who can barely walk or who are in wheelchairs. We receive bread and food donations on Thursday, which had a limit of how much by tenant, until Friday and Saturday.


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