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Ballistic Missile Launch Notification Agreement

[xiii] Missile test data exactly from March 14, 2017. Singh, «India successful test fire Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile «; Gabriel Dominguez, India Successfully Test-Fires AAD Interceptor Missile, Jane`s Defence Weekly, p. 6 March 2017; Franz-Stefan Gady, India Successfully Tests Prithvi Defense Vehicle, a New Missile Killer System, The Diplomat, February 15, 2017; Bill Gertz, China Tests Missile with 10 Warheads, Washington Free Beacon, January 31, 2017; Inter Services Public Relations, Government of Pakistan, Press Release No. PR-34/2017-ISPR, 24 January 2017; «India conducts second successful test of the Pinaka missile», Times of India, 24 January 2017; Jayesh Dhingra, India Successfully Test-Fires Pinaka Mk II Guided Rocket, Jane`s Defence Weekly, January 13, 2017; Inter Services Public Relations, Government of Pakistan, Press Release No. PR-10/2017-ISPR, 9 January 2017; «India successfully tests Agni IV missile,» Economic Times, January 2, 2017; T. S. Subramanian, » Nirbhay Missile Test «An Utter Failure «, The Hindu, p. 21 December 2016; Improved Version of Babur Cruise Missile Testé avec succ`s, Dawn, 15 December 2016; Bill Gertz, China Flight Tests 10 DF-21 Missiles, Washington Free Beacon, December 2, 2016; Hemant Kumar Rout, India Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Agni-I Ballistic Missile, New Indian Express, 22. novembre 2016; Hemant Kumar Rout, India Successfully Conducts Twin Trial of Prithvi-II Missile, New Indian Express, p. 21.

novembre 2016; IAF Test-Fires Land-Attack Version of Brahmos , The Hindu, May 28, 2016; Hemant Kumar Rout, Advanced Pinaka with New Technology Test Fired, New Indian Express, 21 ans. May 2016; Reuben F. Johnson, China and Russia Take Aim at THAAD with Hypersonic Programmes, Jane`s Defence Weekly, May 10, 2016; Bill Gertz, China Flight-Tests New Multiple-Warhead Missile, Washington Free Beacon, p. 19. avril 2016; Bilal Khan, Pakistan Navy Inducts New Anti-Ship Missile `Zarb`, Quwa, 10 Avril 2016, retrieved March 14, 2017,; Hemant Kumar Rout, Maiden Test of Undersea K-4 Missile from Arihant Submarine, New Indian Express, 9 avril 2016; Bill Gertz, Pentagon Concerned by Chinese Anti-Ship Missile Firing, Washington Free Beacon, March 30, 2016; Hemant Kumar Rout, K-4 Missile Test a Roaring Success, New Indian Express, March 16, 2016; Richard D. Fisher, China Reveals MRBM Maneuverable Warhead, Jane`s Defence Weekly, February 15, 2016; Inter Services Public Relations, Government of Pakistan, Press Release No PR-16/2016-ISPR, p. 19 January 2016, retrieved 14 March 2017, Both sides have repeatedly reaffirmed their intention to open the agreement to all other interested countries after its bilateral implementation. According to the official, the US government regards the agreement as the «foundation for a multilateral system».

Nevertheless, both sides recognize that the United States and China have a common interest in improving strategic communication.


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