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Android Mada Agreement

Google`s new MADA makes three big changes. First, Google`s blog says: «Android partners who want to distribute Google apps also cannot build compatible or impounded smartphones and tablets for the European Economic Area (EEA).» The last time we saw an MADA document (back in 2014), it had an anti-fragmentation clause that stipulated that any company that signed the agreement must be all-in on Google`s Android. If you`ve produced an Android device without Google apps, you`ve been taken out of the Google ecosystem. This means that a company like Amazon, which makes forked Kindle devices, could never send a smartphone with Google apps. Google has been fined by the European Union for forcing manufacturers to sign MADA agreements, but that hasn`t stopped Samsung from renewing its license. And it shouldn`t even be surprised that Samsung has renewed its contract with Google, because the company has to do something when Galaxy devices have to offer the full Android experience. The timing of the report, however, is rather insolent: Huawei, one of Samsung`s most virulent competitors, recently revoked its Android license thanks to an executive order from US President Donald Trump. «Devices can only be distributed if all Google applications [mentioned elsewhere in the agreement] … on the device are pre-installed. See MADA, Section 2.1.

The last change is certainly a shock. The termination of Google`s licensing agreement will have a financial impact on OEMs. Google says this: «As the pre-installation of Google Search and Chrome with our other apps has helped us finance the development and free distribution of Android, we will launch a new paid license agreement for smartphones and tablets that will be delivered in the EEA.» That`s right, OEMs now have to pay to access Google apps, but Google doesn`t say how much. The core Android operating system, Google says «will remain free and open source.» In short, MADA lists the requirements of how manufacturers (like Samsung) must install all Google Android apps, even if they wanted to install only one of these apps. Other points included in this contract affect the default configuration of the home screen. Re/code, which recently shared details for the HTC and Samsung MADA, as the agreement states that Google should be the default search option and where apps are initially displayed. The agreements mentioned in the group action date back to 2011 and relate to Google`s agreements with HTC and Samsung. They were published as part of a trial between Google and Oracle. Google is preparing to live in the EU after the European Commission fined the EU $5.05 billion (4.34 billion euros) earlier this year.

Google is still appealing the original verdict, which revealed that Google used Android to illegally dominate the search market, but Google will for now comply with the verdict and offer easier licensing agreements to android device manufacturers. Of course, it is interesting to note that these details come from a document that is not entirely new. In fact, these examples are taken from a 2011 agreement. Google has not commented on how MADA has changed since, but it seems obvious that it has remained. The EC is ending its investigations into Google`s unfair search practices in the coming months. I think Google`s Android practices could be the next to be examined by the European Commission. Learn more about it in the link below. The phone manufacturer must «convene all Google applications that are allowed in the respective area … on each device. See MADA, Section 3.4 (1). Google says it will also separate search and Chrome from the rest of Google apps. In the past, if you wanted a single Google app, as we say, the Play Store – which unlocked access to the entire Ecosystem of the Android app – you had to take all Google apps as a big package.


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