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Agreement Harry Meghan

Days after a collection of high-ranking royals – including Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II – gathered to make an event since it was called the «Sandringham Summit» to obtain the finer details of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex`s «resignation» from their duties in the UK , a final agreement seems to have been reached. He had resigned from them as part of his contract, but the position was due to be reviewed at the end of the year. Royal commentators have noted how passionate Harry is about his work with the military, as reported by insider Mikhaila Friel. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed a multi-year contract to produce content exclusively on Netflix, one of their first projects since resigning from their royal duties in January and moving to California. Meghan and Prince Harry signed a contract with Netflix in September, five months after leaving their full-time roles with the royal family. The deal with the streaming platform and the work they plan to do will likely be one of the main topics to be discussed in March, when the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William meet to check the terms of the January deal with Prince Harry, according to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams. Aides told the newspaper that they saw the televised intervention as a «violation» of the couple`s agreement with the royal budget, which could try to further disassociate themselves from it. But since the video was published, a royal aide told The Times: «The [royal] family is fighting with their hands and is thinking: where is it going and it respects the agreement to preserve the Queen`s values? The feeling is that it is a violation of the agreement. Patricia Treble: The agreement means that Harry and Meghan will not use their royal styles of «His Royal Highness.» This was considered an absolute condition for an agreement. Prince Harry and Meghan hoped to escape the worst media attention they so much worried about – the «powerful forces,» as Harry called them – but which continue to play a role in the official duties of the royal family. But after the deal they reached this weekend with Buckingham Palace, they didn`t get what they wanted. No other member of the royal family, including the Queen, although it seems that the couple had to comply with their demands. Nevertheless, it will also enable them to achieve their goal of «financial independence» through trade agreements with companies that could be worth more than $400 million.

It is the hope of my whole family that today`s agreement will allow them to build a happy and peaceful life. The deal, it was learned in February, would be reviewed 12 months after Meghan and Harry officially resigned as senior royals – in March 2021. As part of their agreement with the Queen, «both have made it clear that whatever they do will continue to uphold Her Majesty`s values,» reads a statement issued at the time by Buckingham Palace.


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