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Volume Licensing Agreement For Windows 10 Or Msdn Subscription

Only make its licenses available with Microsoft Azure Platform Services or qualified license mobility through SA partners. A list of the mobility of qualified licences by SA partners is available at; and the license included: There is no additional licensing fee to switch to a newer version of the software when Amazon`s options are used for the included license, z.B.: Most DE benefits are available in each product pool, as described in the table below. SA active for each qualifying product qualifies the customer for the benefits listed in the table below. Some benefits are granted on the basis of SA client expenses for a number of qualified products within a pool. To this end, «SA expenses» are not literally the actual dollars issued by the customer, but are similar to what the customer spent on SA coverage for these products in connection with its Select or Enterprise registration, Select Plus registration or open agreement (z.B. Purchases SA and the SA component of the purchases of L-SA). For customers under subscription programs, this is a reconciliation to the amount of dollars spent by the customer for licensing these products as part of their registration or agreement. Other benefits are membership of the SA; Membership in the SA for the corresponding product pool qualifies the customer for these benefits. The customer`s access and rights to the use of its SA benefits usually expire after the expiry of its protection, unless otherwise stated in the product entries. Benefits can change and can be discontinued at any time without notice. The availability of benefits varies depending on the program, region, completion options and language. Customers can renew SA under another volume licensing program by acquiring SA as part of an existing open value agreement, MPSA, Select, Select Plus or Enterprise registration.

For customers who re-acquired SA as part of a business registration, this exemption applies only to additional products and products that do not go beyond a company-wide obligation. For all programs with the exception of MPSA or Select Plus, the order must be valid for the remainder of the existing agreement or registration (i.e. SA x the number of years remaining at the time of notification, including a partial year). In MPSA or Select Plus, the order will be for 36 months. For the 2008 and earlier contract versions, as long as coverage is extended within 30 days (90 days if the Extension of the Open License program is extended), customers apply for any period between the expiry of their SA coverage and the start of new coverage as SA coverage. Customers who bring their own SQL Server licenses to Amazon EC2 through license mobility or bring their own licenses (BYOL) continue to abide by the licensing rules they have on site. If the customer purchased SQL Server under the Server/CAL model, it would still need CALs to meet Microsoft license requirements, but these CALs remain local and allow the end user to access SQL Server, which is run on AWS. Yes, yes.

SVVP validation does not apply to SPLA providers. SPLA customer support is provided by AWS as part of the SPLA agreement. AWS helps our customers run Microsoft workloads in AWS.


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