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University Of Cumberlands Cooperative Agreement

Tuskegee University and Samford University`s Cumberland School of Law have created a new partnership that will allow Tuskegee students to participate in an accelerated bachelor`s degree in juris Doctor. The agreement will allow students to give up their senior year in Tuskegee and begin their first year of law school in Cumberland. This university allows the 20-hour CPT for students and 40 hours for graduates. One of the conditions is that you must have completed at least 3 years of study successfully. This excludes computer science graduates. This university offers courses every 11 weeks during your CPT. These courses are held on weekends. «One of our top priorities in developing this agreement has been to find a proactive program to teach and prepare our students.» «We also wanted to ensure that our students succeeded after they entered the program,» says Brazelton. In this agreement, your employer will accept that your CPT is an educational opportunity. It also requires your employer to disclose all necessary information to the university about your work experience for it. At this university, the CPT is only available before the end of your postgraduate studies. You must also have a job offer if you apply for CPT.

You can do full-time CPT 40 hours a week and this can start during your first or second semester. CPT is available in three awards: diploma, course and cooperation: Cumberland School of Law Assistant Dean for Admission and Enrollment Management, Whitney Dachelet shared: «We are very proud to be working with Tuskegee University for the 3-3 program. Tuskegee students are very involved in their pre-law program, and it was simply wise to conclude a formal agreement that supports the relationship that already exists. I am curious to see how this relationship will grow in the years to come and see even more Tuskegee/Cumberland students flourish in their careers. Cooperative CPT – may be authorized if the employment is part of a formal formal training agreement between your department and a particular employer.


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