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Umass Roommate Agreement

Guests and visitors: Do you have customers? How comfortable are you with your roommate with the night`s guests? If? How many times? What gender do visitors feel comfortable with? Residential Life has a volunteer roommate search option to help new students find roommates. We put the search as a roommate with the popular matching program «e Harmony», but to find a roommate! It allows students to create an online profile that describes their lifestyle and lifestyle of a privileged roommate. In addition, you will find (above) an electronic version of The Roommate Experience: Living and Learning Together, which contains more detailed information. Get familiar with its contents, it will help them if you start the experience of life with your roommates. If you are unable to meet the requirements of the housing licence agreement you signed during your occupation, you must file an application form for withdrawal with the Office of Housing and Residence Life immediately if you Check the license agreement very carefully with all those you need to consult on your decision, such as Z.B. Your parents or legal guardians. Once the profile is complete, the program returns potential roommate matches. Students can then decide whether or not to contact their potential matches. Students are encouraged to participate in conversations about how they share their belongings, when they have visitors and how to keep their rooms clean. If two students wish to live together after the communication, they may ask each other if they apply for the housing preference over SPIRE.

In addition to these resources, you also have Resident Assistants/Apartment Living Advisors, Assistant Residence Director (s) and Residence Directors, who can provide advice and help to help you navigate your roommate relationship effectively. Take some time to chat with your roommates. Learn more about common interests, share your expectations and talk about your personal needs. We found that when students try to work on this important relationship, they have a successful experience with roommates. And when conflicts arise (as in all reports), you and your roommates will be better prepared to tackle them effectively! Registration information for the resident portal will be sent soon to your UMass Boston email. The portal displays information from roommates, buildings and space assignments.


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