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Api Alternative Marking Agreement

3.3 Licensed applications are not allowed to reproduce for the most part the products or services offered by Grano Oy in connection with SokoPro, including, but not exclusively, functions or customers on platforms (such as iOS or Android) on which Grano Oy offers its own customer or function. Applications should not use or access the API to monitor the availability, performance or functionality of an API or service or for similar calibration purposes. 1 release date: July 2014 Subject Publication: Specification API 20C, Forged Parts Closed for Use in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry, First Edition, October 2009 ADDENDUM 1 page 14, the following section is added: Marking Each forge has the following character: a) name or brand of the forging company, b) Part number, c) API 20C and FSL number, d) traceability number (as defined) and e) thermal reference number The traceability number refers to documents containing at least: thermal number, no-heat treatment number, MPS, material quality, quantity of material indicated, date of manufacture, order number, NDE and verification results, proof of falsification. At the choice of the forge supplier, these objects can be marked on the drawings or instructions to obtain when the marking is affixed. The above label should be affixed to the low-stress metal emblem (stitched or rounded M) or vibration technique. Appendix A is replaced by the updated API-monogram program, the use of the API monogram by the licensee`s schedule (attached pages). 4 18 API SPECIFICATION 20C Alternative Marking of Products License Agreement, available on the API Monogram Program website under A.3.3 Design and Design Documentation Each licensee and/or licensee must manage the current design documentation according to the Q1 API for all applicable products within the scope of each monographic license. The design document information must objectively demonstrate that the product design complies with applicable and/or current API specifications and/or standards. Design documentation is provided during the facility`s API audits. In some cases, the exclusion of design activities under the monogram program is permitted, as described in Recommendation 6, available on the API Monogram Program website under A.3.4 Manufacturing Capability. The Monogram API program was designed to identify facilities that have demonstrated the ability to manufacture devices that meet API specifications and/or standards. The API may refuse the original license or suspend the current license based on the manufacturing capacity of a device. When the API determines that a further audit is warranted, the API may conduct additional audits (at the organization`s expense) of subcontractors to ensure that they meet applicable API product specifications and/or standard (s).

A.3.5 The use of the API monogram in advertising A monogrammed API licensee must not use the API monogram and/or the license number on letterheads, buildings or other structures, websites or an express statement describing the scope of the licensee`s authorization (licensing number and product specification).


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